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Yo, Bambi


The deer emerge from the rugged nature reserve with the utmost caution and motionlessly explore the area before they dare to continue. Danger? No, no danger, and a little later the whole group is carefree enjoying fresh shoots, green leaves and juicy fruits. You can almost hear the taste. A fantastic sight, and we thoroughly enjoy these beautiful animals on their slender legs.

But wait a minute. Very nice, such a nature scene, but those are our grape vines that disappear into those sweet little beaks. With their cute black noses and gentle heads, these beasts are just shamelessly eating our grapes, as if we were growing them for them!

Yes, that's how it goes if your vineyards are right next to a nature park. At this high-altitude spot we have, among other things, the thoroughly Spanish grape bobal, because it feels perfectly at home there. That only makes its wine better. We love it ourselves. And so do the deer. They come every year to our extra tasty vineyard and this year there were even more, because the hunters who do wildlife management in this nature reserve had to stay at home because of corona.

Yes, deer eating in your vineyard is damaging. Yes, it is an additional cost item. But those deer belong here just as much as the bobal. They are part of the natural environment of the vineyard, and that is what we stand for. Nature does not only consist of buzzing bees, but also of hungry deer. And that they especially love our grapes so much, we consider that a very nice compliment.