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Valencia in your glass!


That it is a fantastic city, with a ditto hinterland. A bustling heart, hoarse, sun-scorched hills beyond, a delta with irrigated fields and paddy fields to the side, and then a strip of white beaches. At the moment of writing this, it is quiet. Way too quiet. Tourists are not allowed to go there and the residents themselves are just crawling out of their homes. She and we miss the Valencian life, the cordiality, eating, and drinking together. Just like us, they have to make do with memories and, especially, fantasy. And damn if it is not true, but a good glass of wine helps with that. It's as if in the white, red, and rosé of Valencia that Spanish summer life has been dissolved, enclosed, extra-packed.

To be taken once a day with a meal, without water, and we float from stress to happiness. Of course, it helps considerably if you control the circumstances a bit. Besides wine, the "three pillars of Valencian life" are olive oil and almonds - no, not oranges. Olive oil for frying, olive oil over lettuce and vegetables, almonds for bubbling as long as the paella or roasted chicken are not ready, they are delicious handles in times of shakiness. The nice thing is that thinking about it, buying your stuff, looking forward to it is just as much fun as the actual munching on and drinking. Just like on vacation. Because how are things going this summer ...? But even when we do and we thirstily seek out the Spanish palm trees and umbrellas for a pool of welcome cool shade, it only takes a few weeks. While virtual Valencia is always within reach. Just open that bottle, eyes closed, sniff, and slurp.

Muy bien, amigos!
Derrick Neleman