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Put your money into life. Why nature restoration is more important than ever!


If something is on fire, you put out first and only then think about how you can prevent another fire. So it is not surprising that now, during the corona pandemic, we first want to prevent people from becoming seriously ill and dying. A second major concern is the economy. Nobody wants a global crisis to arise. Small and large companies are therefore asking for state aid and relaxation of rules that increase their costs. These are often rules in the field of the environment. But even though we all want to extinguish the fire thoroughly, not complying with those environmental regulations now is the dumbest thing we can do. Because the spread of viruses like corona is only getting worse due to the worldwide degradation of nature.

Human beings affect the earth

Man has already seriously damaged more than three-quarters of the surface of the earth with industry, agriculture, and urban planning. More than 85% of the wetlands have been destroyed. We use more than a third of all the land on earth and almost 75% of all available freshwater for agriculture and livestock. Wild animals have less and less space. They are also hunted and traded. For example, there are more and more occasions where people can become infected with animal viruses. Add to that the unprecedented number of flight movements of our time and you have a pandemic.

Need a healthy balance

In fact, there is only one solution: the best possible restoration of the natural balance. Nature has its own system to survive and that is biodiversity. The more animals, plants, and micro-organisms there are, the better. And not only are many different species needed, but variation is also needed within species and within their habitats. The more diverse life on earth, the better all living organisms can work together to prevent or solve problems. With a healthy balance, pests and diseases are less likely to develop, and when they do, they do not spread as vigorously. But that balance is currently quite lost.

Think. Choose organic wine

Well. With all this bad news, you may just need a good glass of wine. And that's where the good news comes in. You can contribute to the restoration of biodiversity yourself. Think about what you buy and where you buy it. Prevent your money from being used to further destroy the world. In our vineyards, we ensure that no harmful monocultures are created. It is teeming with life, in and around the vineyard. Do you want to do something? Then don't put your money in dead nature. Choose a wine that is 100% organic and vegan and celebrate life.