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The grapes that we use for Chardonnay Muscat, Viognier Verdil, Garnacha Marselan, and Tempranillo Monastrell are picked at night. We can already hear you thinking, why then? We do this because nighttime harvesting has several positive effects on the grapes. Our winemaker Diego explains: “The cooler temperatures at night ensure that the aromas do not evaporate between picking the grape and making the wine. This ensures that the wine has more aroma. The absence of UV light also ensures that the fruit does not oxidize, which makes the taste of the wine more intense. ”

Diego goes on to say that he even prefers to pick the grapes when the moon is full. It seems that the grape plant is at its best during this night, something that science is not yet sure about but that we think can certainly be tasted in this new wine.

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