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This means that we do not irrigate our vines and therefore do not waste precious water (that is why we also have grapes that can withstand drought well). And our wines are also nice and dry.

Even the truth is sometimes a bit dry. This is because it is often in the middle. And in the middle, it is usually not that exciting there. The truth is, moderation is usually the most sensible. Although it is very difficult for a layman to assess scientific research, there seem to be very serious indications that a few glasses a day are harmless and even good for you - provided you also eat healthily and live sensibly.

Alcohol is a substance that carries odor and taste: wine simply smells and tastes much better because of it. And wine is there to be enjoyed, we think. Not to fill you with. Also not because good wine cannot be dirt cheap. Because that usually comes at the expense of the quality, of the people who work hard for it, and of nature. So we go for tasty, well-made wine at a fair price. You can enjoy it carefree.

We make it extra easy for you with our screw corks that you can turn in and out of the bottle. The bottle does not have to be empty in one go. Also handy: our half bottles. We have those of our Tempranillo Monastrell, Viognier Verdil, and Just Fucking Good Wine in red and white. So being sensible is a party every day.