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We are seeking a full-time Head Winemaker on location (Casas del Rey – Venta del Moro – Spain) to join our growing business and guide us to the top 10 quality wineries. We aim to make contemporary wines with respect for the craft of wine making and innovation. We aim to make the wine business more sustainable and hence make the world a better place.
Thanks for these beautiful 5 Gold Medals that recognize the quality of some of our best-seller wines
Mediterranean, exuberant and elegant. And it just received a new GOLD MEDAL in BERLINER WINE TROPHY!
Gold Medal for BEST WINE IN BOX 2021 in the Concours International Wine in Box 2021, recently celebrated in Toulouse, France.
What do pesticides do? Do they exactly kill those fungi and insects they are intended for, or do they do something else?
We are proud to receive on board our new VERDEJO wine, within the NELEMAN FAMILY COLLECTION. A really distinctive, fresh and crispy white wine made from Organic Verdejo grapes farmed close to the Mediterranean Sea.
Although competing with some of the best international wines, NELEMAN BOBAL ROBUSTA was awarded with a Golden Medal and 95 POINTS
The panel headed by Tim Atkin and other UK wine experts tasted 82 wines from across 20 DOP. And wow! The 2 first wines, with the highest punctuation are NELEMAN! There is a total of 5 Neleman wines within the list of the best 20 wines.
Do you dare to watch this video?
A beautiful choreography of women singing and dancing, celebrating womanhood: our extraordinary Riesling Viognier 2019 got the label design it deserved. Read on and let yourself be carried away by Sonia Alins artistic streams of thought.
Colleague Federico inspects the vineyard. What seems? The deer have eaten very well this time! Read here why our harvest will be less this year, but no less delicious!
No, now I know better. That Valencia is a fantastic city, with a ditto hinterland. A bustling heart, hoarse, sun-scorched hills beyond, a delta with irrigated fields and paddy fields to the side and then a strip of white beaches.
If something is on fire, you put out first and only then think about how you can prevent another fire. So it is not surprising that now, during the corona pandemic, we first want to prevent people from becoming seriously ill and dying. A second major concern is the economy.
On March 6, 2020, Derrick Neleman - founder and owner of Bodegas Neleman with two brand stores in the Netherlands and his own winery with vineyards in Valencia - was named Most Inspiring Entrepreneur of the year by platform De Ondernemer.
You suddenly hear it everywhere: people who do dry january. And those who missed it, just do dry February. Well, we like it dry. We apply dry farming in our vineyards.
The grapes we use for the Chardonnay Muscat, Viognier Verdil, Garnacha Marselan and Tempranillo Monastrell are picked at night and preferably with a full moon. We can already hear you thinking, why then? Our winemaker Diego will explain it to you.