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The acidity of the pink Monastrell makes a good combination with the marinated oyster mushroom in citrus juice. The subtle bitterness in the wine blends with the taste of black olives. Happy start to a summer night.
Very aromatic and mouth-filling with low acidity. This fits perfectly with the spicy, full, round taste of the gnocchi, sage and rosemary.
The wine has a pronounced fruity scent with black currant and cassis and a little bit of forest soil. Powerful taste with spices, salmiak, cherry liqueur and a subtle bitterness. That little sweetness, that little bitterness and the herbs in the wine go well with the slightly greasy and spicy pâté. Delicious pâté, juicy wine, optimal combination.
Wine and dish have the same flavor profile: rich, ripe, creamy and nutty with a citrus note in the aftertaste. The wine shows itself in its full glory in this combination!
The grapes for Neleman Macabeo are harvested at 850 meters above sea level, resulting in a pure, clean wine. Lots of fruit and an elegant Burgundy style. These notes and some minerality bring out the best in the seafood and pair beautifully with the smooth curry mayo.
Bubbles and lobster are always a heavenly combination. The fresh acids in the Cava and the passion fruit go together wonderfully and the cheerful bubbles provide a refreshing counterpart to the cream and mustard. Coriander and lime give the Cava an extra boost, making this wine-food combination a party!
The flavor of sushi is usually not the rice rolls themselves, but the garnish: in this case the soy sauce, ginger and miso mayonnaise.
The teriyaki sauce gives a big flavor explosion to the dish. Slightly spicy, powerful and with a fresh acidity. We find that acidity and that power in the Nucli red: fruity and juicy with earthy notes of bay leaves and spices. Spicy dish, spicy wine: the two go well together.
The mild, smooth and creamy avocado does not discourage the wine
The tempeh gives a spicy, smoky accent to the quinoa salad, which is otherwise mild in taste. That goes well with the full, sultry flavors of the Chardonnay Muscat. The melon and nutmeg in the taste of the wine picks up the sweet pepper well.
This Nucli has a solid structure for a rosé: with fresh acidity, full flavor with light red fruit, minerals and an attractive bitterness. A rosé to eat with. He is a pleasant table companion of this deliciously spicy vegan version of Thai fish cakes.
The pita filling of crunchy raw vegetables and soft, fried eggplant is full and rich in flavor, thanks also to the tahin and mango sauce. Full and rich is also the wine with light red fruits such as strawberry and sweet plum, with structure and juicy fresh acidity
This Bobal Robusta goes well with the dark hoisin and black bean sauce. With the reduced, sticky and fresh, sweet and sour sauce of the aubergine, the wine turns out to be nice and refreshing.
The rich aroma of the wine captures the full flavor of the mild curry with the vegetables very well. The wine refreshes and remains stately
A party on the terrace: tasty falafel balls with this salmon-pink rosé in its cheerful packaging! Fruity and fresh thirst quencher. Get started and enjoy!
What could be better than a delicious wine & food combination with our Viognier Verdil? We figured it out for you, enjoy!
Soy and black bean sauce difficult for a wine? Not for these 30 Wishes Tempranillo. The special taste of the wine - dried plum, spices, eucalyptus, herbs, mild tannin, fresh acidity - leaves nothing to be desired!
In the baba ganoush, but especially in the salad, lots of fresh acidity and green flavors of lemon, tomato and parsley. This dusty and fresh 50 Reasons fits very well with that. The ripe and floral in the wine goes well with olive oil and aubergine. A combination to make you happy.
A Seco with lots of mousse and a taste of nuts, toast, dried fruit and fresh citrus acids. The onion rings are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside: a tasty snack. In this case, however, the citrus mayonnaise in particular determines the taste. This was deliberately chosen to offer the fresh, sparkling wine some equivalent counterplay.
The Brut Rosé has some yeast, vanilla, fresh red fruit such as raspberry and toast in its taste. The connecting factor between this fruity rosé and the earthy tapenade is the zest of the orange, the zest. The taste of the tapenade is nicely refreshed by it and it makes the link to the wine.
The pasta has a spicy, spicy and warm taste due to star anise and cinnamon. Those flavors fit seamlessly with the flavors of the wood aging in the wine
Wine & food: the combination of this pasta dish with Neleman Bobal wine is Derrick Neleman's favorite. Easy to make and enjoy.
This is how the Spaniards have breakfast! A delicious recipe for Pan Catalan with Neleman olive oil. Of course also delicious with drinks.
A good sweet-sour balance and that is exactly what is needed here with the savory rice, seaweed and avocado. Tasty refreshing combination.
Nice, that spoonful of mustard in the mashed potatoes. Together with the balsamic syrup, this provides the link to the wine.
Portobello smaakt mild, aards en kruidig, de salsa geeft een zoetje en de sla een fris accent. Dat komt fraai overeen met het smaakprofiel van deze Merlot uit Navarra.
Polenta with mushrooms, that gives an earthy dish. Our spicy, warm and quirky Neleman Tempranillo Monastrell can handle that very well.
This wine is really good! The beautiful acids, the powerful fruit, the wood aging: it all goes perfectly with the BBQ sauce and the spicy bean burger..