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Pita with aubergine & Just Fucking Good Wine Rosé


Ingredients serve 4:
4 pitta bread
2 aubergines
2-3 ripe tomatoes, seeds removed
½ a cucumber, seeds removed
2 spring onions, sliced thinly into rings, just the white part
1 tablespoon of flat parsley, finely chopped
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of olive oil

For the sesame and mango sauce:
4 tablespoons of tahini (sesame paste)
1.5 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 clove of fresh garlic
2 tablespoons of mango chutney
A pinch of ground coriander
A pinch of ground cumin
A pinch of turmeric
½ a sweet red pepper, finely chopped

Prepare the sesame sauce:
Stir the lemon juice and garlic through the tahini. The sauce should run off the spoon. If it doesn't, add a little water. Add salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Prepare the mango sauce:
Mix the mango chutney with the coriander, cumin, turmeric, and red pepper. Add salt to taste. Set aside.

Prepare the vegetable filling:
Dice the tomato and cucumber into small cubes, and slice the spring onion into rings. Finely chop the parsley. Mix everything together and season with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Set aside.

1. Slice the aubergine into pieces 1 cm thick. Sprinkle with salt and set aside for 10 minutes.
Pat the aubergine slices dry and fry at 180ºC until brown. Drain on kitchen paper.

2. Toast the pitta bread in the toaster. Carefully cut them open so they resemble a pocket. Spread the inside of the pitta bread with some of the sesame sauce. Hold the pitta bread on its side and insert aubergine slices to cover one side. Fill the remaining space with the vegetables. Add a tablespoon of sesame sauce and a tablespoon of mango sauce to the filled pitta. The amount depends on your taste.

Food and wine pairing
The pitta filling of crunchy raw vegetables and soft, fried aubergine is full and rich in flavour, also thanks to the tahini and mango sauce. The wine is also full-bodied and rich with light red fruits like strawberry and sweet plum, with structure and juicy fresh acidity. In a nutshell: perfectly balanced. Its strength and agreeable balance of sweetness and acidity make it a great match for the spicy pitta bread.

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