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Sticky tofu teriyaki & Nucli Tinto


1 block of tofu, the firm variety, not the soft one
125ml of soya sauce
4 tablespoons of mirin (rice wine)
1 tablespoon of lime juice
1 tablespoon of very finely chopped ginger
1 tablespoon of very finely chopped garlic
200g of sushi rice
400g of pak choi
50g of baby corn, blanched for one minute in boiling water
1 red pepper, sliced into rings
1 spring onion, sliced
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
2 tablespoons of sunflower oil
1 teaspoon of black sesame seeds
A few tablespoons of cornflour

1. For the teriyaki: mix the soya sauce with the mirin, lime juice, ginger, and garlic. Allow standing for an hour so the flavors can be absorbed by the soya sauce.

2. Rinse the sushi rice thoroughly first, cook for 12 minutes on low heat, equal parts rice to water.

3. Cut the tofu any way you want and allow to drain between some kitchen paper. Dip the tofu in the cornflour and fry in the sunflower oil until crispy and golden brown. Once the tofu is golden brown add the teriyaki sauce, turn down the heat and allow it to simmer until the sauce is syrupy and sticks to the tofu.

4. Cook the pak choi on high heat in some sesame oil, add a dash of soya sauce and a splash of water and allow to stew for two minutes with the pan covered so it stays nice and crunchy.
Spoon the rice onto the plates and add the pak choi and the pieces of tofu. Sprinkle the sesame seeds over the tofu. Garnish the plates with some baby corn, spring onion, and red pepper.

Food and wine pairing
The teriyaki sauce makes the dish explode with flavor. A little spicy, strong with a refreshing touch of acidity. The acidity and strength are also found in the Nucli Tinto: fruity and full-bodied with earthy notes of bay leaf and spice. A powerful dish and robust wine: the perfect pairing.



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